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Wow!! Very detailed and well-written essay.

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Incredible work Cole!

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I must say I really like the amount of insight you try to give without being redundant or excessive. This is just the right length for the right kind of introduction that, really, more people should be making. All+ the while you don't sacrifice any of the good bits you make the essay YOURS AND the quality is consistent across the whole thing. Sure it's a bit of a stretch but I really think this is the finest written thing anyone's made to do with Wings Of Fire, and I admire your commitment in putting this history together.

I'd go and tell people on the wiki about it, but you know them. it'll get ignored or torn to shreds, and I will get blamed or something, and people will complain no matter what, but I truly hope more people read this some way or another. It's a shame it's so hard to find, otherwise it could have been a huge hit

Oh and keep writing! I can only imagine what kind of fantasy writer you might be :) :) :)

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Cole this is amazing! I'm totally gonna read Wings of Fire now!

It's clear you put a lot of time into this, and I hope this gets more attention. You srsly know your stuff

and I'm onestly in a bit of shock. This is meticulous and VERY fair from what I can tell.

Keep writing., you have a rare ability to write the sorta thing almost anyone else can't do.

I wonder what your eelation to the author and the series is?

Thanks - Lucas

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This is amazing, WHOA

I'm a bit blown away by this piece. You cleverly anticipate all the questions a reader has in due time, and carry on with a quirky, good-humored tone consistently. I can't find fault with your facts, having been to a few online events where you were attending in the past :) :) :)

Can I ask a question or two? I have three.

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This rocks!

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Your essay is well-composed and nicely designed, and I thank you for writing an intriguing piece where most of the intelligent discussion is limited to interviews and the books themselves.

I would like to ask, however, how you would explain Mrs. Sutherland's religious upbringing as a whole in a shorter form. You describe the themes so that they overlap with the moral elements, but I'm not sure the main idea comes through as much as it sounded like it did. Perhaps you could elaborate?

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Why haven't more people said anything? This is honestly one of the greatest things I've ever read, and It's about one of the greatest book series of all time !

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LOL I remember you. Didn't someone even try asking Tui once who you were? I knew you were crazy smart with Wings of Fire but honestly no one expected something like this EVER from that mysterious Cole S sieban!

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I gotta ask, are you a Moonbli or Winterwatcher fan? I promise I won't judge

Great essay!

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This essay is great and all, like a mini book, but what I'm interested in learning more about is your own history with the series. You seem to know all there is, but how is this? Did you sleuth out every single interview and read Tui's entire catalogue (or whatever thats called). Are you friends with her?

I know the books from my relatived and am not fully sure the series is all child-friendly, too-do you agree with this? As you talk about the 'problems', whatmakes the series sutiable for all ages. (I won't give specific cases, you probably know what I'm talking about.

But as a whole, I can't find even the slightest fault with it. I just want MORE.


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Of all things. why dragons. Hahahahaha?Just kidding lol.

You wrote something that can convince anyone to check it out, though I've already read the whole seres. I'm w bit sprised that you were able to write O SO MUCH that I learned a ton. Its true that most FanWings don't know a thing ( or give a crap to ) about Tui or what shes tried to work into the dragonss books. I'm one of them i'll admit, loyl. or was, or might still be? Nah.?

Truthfuly I just skkimmed the whole thing cause it's so LONg hahh, but Ll in all I think you did an amazing job too.

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